Create a JFK Records Declassification Project

The National Archives should create a project to declassify remaining secret JFK assassination records before the 50th anniversary of that tragic event in 2013. The Archives recently established Berlin Wall and Pentagon Papers anniversary projects. Public interest is high in the remaining secret JFK assassination records. Such a project would fulfill President Obama's desire that his administration be the most open... more »


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Add digitized materize requested by public to

When the public request digitized materials, add the materials to regardless of whether the request covers one item or 200 items. At the same time, encourage people who digitize items at the Archives to contribute items to NARA. Perhaps some items would be digitized according to different standards, but it would allow for more access sooner.


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Citizen Archivists

Include transcriptions in the National Archives Catalog

Should transcriptions from the National Archives Transcription Pilot Project be automatically included in the National Archives Catalog?


Check out the Transcription Pilot here:


Check out the National Archives Catalog (through Online Public Access) at:


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Freedom of Information

Digitize archival records responsive to FOIA

Would you like to see archival records that are responsive to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request be automatically digitized and made available through the National Archives Catalog?


View the National Archives Catalog through Online Public Access:


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