Online Public Access (OPA) should be improved

How should Online Public Access (OPA) be improved? How could the catalog be more useful to you?

Give it a try and let us know what you'd like to see improved.


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    I'm feeling bold so here are two ideas that have been bandied about by staff that would be really helpful to them and researchers - make it REALLY clear what records require a FOIA request (a FOIA flag, for instance!) Also, an online FOIA form would be great.

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    Denise, is this related at all to the idea of electronic pull slips? Would it function in a similar way?

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    Meredith, I don't think so...yet (but we can always dream!) What I would like to see right now is a BIG warning flag on the catalog record that tells researchers that they have to file a FOIA before they can see the records to save them the trouble of coming here only to find out they can't see what they want to see - it happens far too often! Also, apparently you can submit a FOIA request online via inquire but I didn't find it very user-friendly.

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    That sounds great! It would be helpful for both researchers AND staff. Much easier to see than a long note in the description!

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    It would be great if the tagging feature can let people tag on the photograph/record like on facebook.

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    I find that Online Public Access is very slow to use, even here at the Archives. When I limit searches to just digital copies, I quickly give up. I find the Library of Congress site for Prints and Photographs much more effective. Perhaps OPA is just bigger, but its performance is too slow.